Now, Sunday, Get in your Car


This is my sock drawer.

People, get your outdoors on! Leave the city for the bucolic – no, I hate that word….. pastoral??? no I’m atheist….. gambling lands of Snoqualmie, WA, today for a 3-hr set of autoharp dulcimer and country twang!

No, really. Maybe not at the same time, but in the same room!

Before you call my mother and tell her you’re worried about me, yes, I’m sober, no I didn’t drink heavily last night and here’s what the bleepin Jesus I’m talking about:

Jessica Lynne and Kimberly Newland Show, today!
Date: 9/26 TODAY!!
Time: 2-5pm
Where: Bindlestick cafe, Snoqualmie, Wa
Why: because it’s outside, in a tent, they have coffee, and while I don’t have a hangover, you probably do, and this is a great little Sunday town to drive to in the foothills of the Cascades, right off I-90, and stumble around with a headache. And if it sucks, you can always go climb Mt. Si and jump off for hating the arts/being a bad daughter/son, etc.

Really. Stone cold sober.

Oh there’s also the outlet mall nearby. Discounted 12-pack tube socks! And country music! If you require more to live, then you are not American!

See you there!!!!



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