Show Tonight: Wear Your White Shoes Once More Before Tuesday


There is so much going on this weekend in Seattle!!!

If you want to do something NOT in the pull-out section of this week’s The Stranger, come see me saw away with Palatine Ave tonight. We are super fun, don’t have drug problems, and (most of us – ok fine, them-not-me) have day jobs so we (read: they) also have social skills.

Show Tonight!
Sat, Sept. 1

WHEN: 9pm

WHO: Palatine Ave, Americana alt-country, from Seattle, Wa

WHERE: Skylark Cafe, right off one of the very first exits off the West Seattle Bridge

COST: probably $5-$10, more like $5 usually.

YOU’RE FAMOUS!! Cause we’re filming the show, so if you show up and flash the camera, we’ll totally put that shit on the Internet! We’ll credit you, promise, but take the money.

For the violin-fans, I’ve also solved The Mystery of the Squeaky E String – thank you Lasley & Russ string shop in Ballard!

For food fans, they have been serving Mac & Cheese in multiple varieties long before it was hip, so they win.

For boozy drink fans, they are one of the first places in Seattle that I discovered served Dark & Stormies, the national cocktail of Bermuda!

So wear your white shoes once more before Tuesday, ford the Duwamish, and enjoy live music!!!



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