Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

James Sasser looks like this guy and is also from Oregon.

“Cowboy” Dallas Turner Songbook Folio, 1950
Courtesy Peter Blecha archives
From HistoryLink’s essay Country Music in the Pacific Northwest

Tonight for $3 you can hear me play for 4-6 hours.*

Thur, Sept. 6, 2012 – all Seattle, Wa.

5-8 ROOF DECK of Hard Rock, w Jessica Lynne.

VENUE NOTES: This is NOT a lame douchey touristy deck, it’s like The Triple Door if there were firepits, padded patio furniture, a better view and no wait cause no one knows about it.

SHOW NOTES: You will say you don’t like “that kind” of Country Music. Then you will come cause it’s 85 degrees out on a roof deck at sunset and change your mind. Unless you are 85% of women from 35-55, then you already like this music according to Nielsen.


Jess on Twitter: @Jessica_Lynne_

9-12 Liam Fitzgerald and The Rainieros at the Little Red Hen in Greenlake, with Portland’s James Sasser.

NOTES: The Rainieros (uh oh here it goes) are one of the most fun bands I’m playing with right now because duh, Honky Tonk.

Originals by Liam from his latest album, “Last Call”, mixed with covers of Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Faron Young, and other genre-defining Americana roots and real country classics.

James Sasser is really cute, but he’s married, ladies and gentlemen, so thank god we can at least get a piece of his voice and music. Otherwise, ugh, life is so unfair.

Oh and Dancers, James will bring the cha cha to the Hen like you’ve never seen.

The Rainieros play the 9 and 11pm set, James at 10. Oops make that James at 9pm, The Rainieros at 10 and 11. And everyone at the bar at 12 midnight.


The Rainieros on Twitter: @TheRainieros

So while many people pay $40, $60, $80,000 for a graduate degree in the History of American Music, you, my dear friend, can hear some of the earliest classic standards as well as some of the newest evolutions of the genre, for three dollars – not $30, not $10, but $3!!!!!

Also, to anyone that can make it, please bring power bars and protein drinks for me, make sure I eat something besides nachos, and take that beer out of my hands until at least the last set at the Hen. After that, I can’t promise I’ll sound good, but I bet I’ll be fun to watch!

Like Tony says, Tonight!

Me (Nicole Clare Fallat!) on Twitter: @nfallat

# # #

*Why is this and every other post all about me and where I am playing, instead of “these bands are playing, I’m playing in their band, they’re great, etc. etc.”??? Because my mom asked me to do it this way.


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